Helping Herts Coronation Walk

Walk for children and young people across Hertfordshire

Join us for our walk around Hertfordshire. You or a team can select to walk on one or more of the sections of The Hertfordshire Way.

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Background to Helping Herts

Helping Herts is the official charity of Story Valley Rotary Club. We are supporting 12 different charities across the county that help children and young people. 

Visit our website to see all of the charity partners for 2023.

Registered Charity: 284482

Your support for the campaign will benefit all 12 charities to help them to provide improved services to local children.

The Coronation Walk

1.           Click 'set up a fundraising page'.

2.           Follow the login prompt - use single sign-on or create an account.

If you have created an individual page already and want to join a team, follow these steps:

1.           Head to the Helping Herts Fundraising Hub

2.           Click 'Sign In'

3.           You'll land on your personal dashboard. If you have an individual page not yet linked to a team you will have a new button called 'Join a Team'. Click It.

4.           You'll be presented with a list of the Team pages available to join.

  • Step 1 - Select the Team you want to join from the list
  • Step 2 - Select the individual page you want to connect to the team (some fundraisers may have more than one page in their account)
  • You will now see a hyperlink to the Team page on your individual page, under your name.
  • On the Team Page, your individual page will feature in the drop down section 'Other campaigns connected with this Team’

Yes there is and it can be viewed and downloaded here.